• August 2021

    I don’t have much time for updates at the moment. You are all keeping me SO busy! Just wanted to mention that my hourly rate post-lockdown has increased to $200/hr. It’s what I was mostly charging beforehand for smaller one-sit pieces, so not much has changed, other than it now applies to larger pieces as well. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more depending on the tattoo. It’s a general guideline depending on size & detail.
    I tattoo quite fast so you’re always getting the most bang & shortest amount of time in pain for your buck.

  • June 2020

    Hi friends!
    The past few months have been a whirlwind. Existing in a pandemic has been no treat & I have accomplished very few of my Downtime Goals, but I have some news.
    As of now I have moved on from Archive Tattoo - my temporary home for the past 7 months - and am in the process of opening a new version of post-fire Divine Tattoo at a new location & with a new name.
    We are a very small private shop located at Gerrard & Parliament in the East end of the city, aptly dubbed Bad Luck Tattoo. In order to curb exposure to COVID19 my coworker Loorin & I needed to work somewhere privately & as affordably as possible.
    Our doors are not open as Toronto has not yet received the green light to restart tattooing. I'm expecting a date closer to July, but will announce it when we know. Like every other shop, compromises in terms of hours of operation, staggered schedules & strict regulations will be implemented to keep all of us safe.
    A massive THANK-YOU goes out to everyone who bought gift certificates (no matter the size) or put down deposits not knowing when they would be able to redeem them. It has kept me afloat & enabled me to survive on more than the bare minimum offered by the government.
    I look forward to tattooing you in the nearest of futures, but please wear masks & be safe until I see you again <3

  • March 2020

    Due to the spread of COVID-19, Archive Tattoo & myself have closed our doors & stopped tattooing as of March 16th, 2020 - over a week before the city mandated to do so.
    Along with you we have no idea when life will resume & we will be allowed to work again. Standing appointments will be rescheduled as soon as we have the go-ahead to do so, though I imagine it will be some time.
    In the meantime, I have no job & no income. I am selling gift certificates for the future that can be any amount you wish & never expire! They can be purchased through sending an etransfer or PayPal amount to tattooingbyjenny@gmail.com. I will email you a digital copy of the certificate with an added bonus to say Thank You!
    I will also be creating new merchandise where I can, taking painting/digital drawing commissions for pet portraits or anything else you'd like to be rendered, and posting lots of flash to be claimed with a deposit for when isolation ends.

    I SINCERELY appreciate the support I've been getting. My entire industry is suddenly collectively out of work & struggling to pay bills & provide for our families & futures. This is a terrifying time.

    Stay safe & healthy where you can.

    Much love,


    I will be focusing on travel as much as possible this year. These are the plans I have so far, I will update it as new plans are made.

    Vancouver Tattoo Show Vancouver BC - Apr 19-21
    -Taking appointments & walk-ups: Fri 4:30pm-11pm & Sat 1:30pm-11pm

    Gastown Tattoo Parlour Vancouver BC - Apr 23-24
    -Taking appointments: Tues 11:30am-4pm & Wed 11:30am-2pm

    Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival Edmonton AB - Apr 26-28
    -Taking appointments & walk-ups all weekend

    Lucky Strike Tattoo Edmonton AB - Apr 30-May 1
    -Taking appointments & walk-ins both days

    Maritime Tattoo Festival Halifax NS - May 17-19
    -Taking appointments & walk-ups all weekend

    Modern Addiction Tattoo Guelph, ON - May 30-Jun 1
    -Taking appointments but booking up fast

    St John's Tattoo Convention St John's NFLD - Jun 29-Jul 1
    -Taking appointments & walk-ups all weekend

    Winnipeg Tattoo Convention Winnipeg, MB - Aug 16-18
    -Taking appointments & walk-ups all weekend

    I'm always looking to do guest spots as well, if you have a space for me please send me a message!

    I will have a big book of pre-made designs & flash sheets to choose from, or I can draw a custom piece just for you. I intend on having new prints, paintings & other merch available for sale as well.

    If you have any questions about booking any of these destinations don't hesitate to DM on Instagram (@verylame) or email |tattooingbyjenny@gmail.com|TattooingByJenny.

  • Update 2019

    Time for a new home! As of mid-March, I will be moving on from my shop in Parkdale to working at my friend Lauren Wilson's shop in the Village, Divine Tattoo.

    My hours & current booking practices will remain the same, only the location will change. I'll open myself up to walk-ins in the Spring & Summer, but will be travelling as much as possible as well.

    Thanks as always to my loyal clients who are willing to find me as I move around trying to find the perfect groove <3


    Heading out of town this fall:

    Gastown Tattoo Vancouver BC - Sept 20-23
    -Taking appointments & can do walk-ins if time permits

    Lucky Strike Edmonton AB - Oct 11-13
    -Taking appointments & walk-ins

    Looking for another guest spot in the Alberta (Calgary/Banff) area, if you can help me out drop me a line!

    As usual I have Available Drawings posted to my Instagram (@verylame) or request a custom design! Email me for appointments or questions Tattooing By Jenny

  • July 2018

    As of July 2018 there are a few changes in my policies:
    -Deposits for larger work are $200 instead of $100
    -Touch-ups will be complimentary for up to 6 months instead of a year, & are at my discretion. Damage caused by poor care/infection will be fixed at a fee.


    You can find me in the following locations this year:

    Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show Vancouver BC- Apr 20-22
    -Taking appointments & walk-ups

    Gastown Tattoo, Vancouver BC - May 3-6
    -Taking appointments & walk-ins

    Feel free to message me about booking appointments at any of these spots. I will have a book of pre-drawn designs with me, most of which are posted regularly on my Instagram @verylame.

  • Update 2018

    As of Jan 1st 2018 you can find me back in a proper shop, still in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. I'm joining Fabrizio Divari in his private studio at Queen St W & Brock Ave. The address can be found in my Contact section.
    For the first few months I'll still be operating by appointment only, but in Spring 2018 I'll be opening up regularly for walk-ins. Follow me on Instagram at @verylame for updates. Currently I am working Mon-Sat 12:30pm-8pm.
    Booking appointments & payments still works the same way, although my rates have gone up slightly. After 10 years of tattooing I work too fast to still charge the same prices. I am now working for a $90 minimum, and $170/hr for larger projects. Same-day sits will be at an estimated flat rate. See the Info section for more details.

    A million Thank Yous to the clients that have stayed with me from TCB, and even more gratitude to the people who have been with me since Sal's. I promise you'll love this new space as much as I do.

  • Update 2016

    As of this May, I can no longer be found in a street shop. I am now working in a private studio in Parkdale, still in Downtown Toronto. With a panoramic view of Lake Ontario, the vibe can't be beat, and all the sanitary trappings of a shop are still accounted for.
    This is a temporary stop on finding the next step of my career, and I appreciate my clients' loyalty & support more than I can say.
    I am still available for your tattoo needs, big or small, fancy or plain. And am welcoming any opportunities to travel & work wherever I may be welcome.

    Welcome to Lazy River Tattoo

  • December 4, 2012

    My personal website is up & running! This is the best place to check for my updated portfolio & traveling information.
    Thanks for visiting!