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If you're new to getting tattooed, it can be confusing & intimidating. Not everyone follows the same procedure, but this is how I like to be contacted. I tried to be very specific in this, please let me know if there are any other questions you need answered.

Send an email to this website or preferably Tattooing By Jenny.
Include the best description of what you're looking for, and include as much information in a single email.

Questions I need answered:
Style - Colour, Black & Grey, Text, etc. Tradtional, Neo-traditional, etc. If you don't know, attach a photo of a tattoo you like the look of, bonus points if it’s one of mine.
Size - in inches or cms. If it's not fitting in a specific area, just an approximation will do.
Placement - where on the body? Left or right side. Inside or out? If you have a spot in mind, please be specific. Changing your mind day-of or being unsure will alter the drawing & can ruin a good design. You may need to come in for a consultation so I can trace the area or body part.
Details - words, names, colours, etc. Forgetting something & adding it at the last minute is doable, but again can ruin a good design & I may not have time for it. I am not responsible for anything you leave out.
Budget - if you have one, let me know. I'm willing to work with what you've got within reason.

Send a good, straight-ahead photo of the area of your body you want it to go. Remember to correct if the photo is flipped or taken in a mirror. If you can’t get one yourself, ask a friend.
Attach a few reference images you like, and let me know what you like about them.

Try to keep the email brief, and to the point. We may need to sit down for a consultation anyway to discuss more details or do a tracing, but this email helps me figure out if that's necessary. If you'd prefer it as well, just let me know.

A note: If you like my work (this applies to most artists), recognize the style(s) within my portfolio or on my Instagram. It's what comes naturally to me & what I feel like I excel at. I might be up for tackling something different, so feel free to ask, but don't ask me to take on another artist's personal style. I will do my version, but don't expect it to look the same as the image you found on Pinterest.
Don’t expect it to look like the tattoo you have in your head, but more like one that exists in MY head :)

Rates: as of July 1, 2023 my rates are $120 minimum, roughly $200/hr for pieces 3 hours & over. Under that will be given a flat rate that I can give you an estimate for. Due to inflation everything has gone up in price & my pricing has risen to reflect that.
I am a quick & efficient tattooer, I’m not here to rip anyone off. Some folks might cost less but are slower tattooers - it all works out in the end.

Appointment Times: Send me a few options for dates & times that you're available & when you're looking to get tattooed. Saturdays are the busiest. Keep in mind I don't work Sunday-Monday, and, like Garfield, I don't do mornings.

I try to update my monthly availability regularly on my Instagram. It’s also where I post about cancelations. There’s often a bit of fluctuation.

When the appointment is booked I will take a Deposit - $50-100 for smaller pieces, $200 for sleeves & large pieces. The deposit comes off the final sit of your tattoo. It is nonrefundable. If you would like to put down more, that is acceptable, but I'm not a bank & don't return unused portions.

Payment: Cash is highly preferred. Deposits for appointments not made in person can be paid electronically through etransfer.

Dress appropriately for where the tattoo is going. Back of the neck? Wear your hair up. Wear clothes that will not get in the way of getting tattooed.
This shit hurts. Prepare yourself for it. Make sure there's food in you so you don't pass out.

Thank you for reading this & sticking to it! I promise I'm very friendly & value your tattoo experience, I just need to streamline my work process for my own sanity. Instagram DMs & Facebook messages are also fine, although they can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Please don't message me on multiple platforms or many times within 24 hours unless it's an emergency. It sometimes takes me a few days to a week to get to my correspondence.

How To Get Tattooed