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-I do not send rough versions or completed designs out before the appointment. If the design isn't perfect, I can correct small things the day-of. If it needs a complete redraw we will have to rebook for another day but I'd rather have that conversation in person. If it's necessary because you changed your mind or forgot to tell me things, the deposit will be lost. If otherwise, it's on me, I want you to be happy.
-Bring a drink & a snack with you to keep your energy up. There is a convenience store nearby.
-Cash is preferred. There are ATMs & several banks nearby.
-An estimate is a guess at price. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less. Depends how well you sit, how long the details take, how many breaks you want, etc. On average, most single-sit palm-to handsize tattoos run about $250-500.
-Touch-ups are free within 6 months. The sooner the better, after the tattoo is healed. After 6 months, there will be a charge of at least $50 depending on the amount of work involved, unless we do another tattoo at the same time. They are also at my own discretion.