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White Bandage Aftercare
-Leave bandage on for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight
-Remove bandage in shower if possible. Wash thoroughly with hot water & unscented soap, ensuring residual blood, ink & lubricant is gone. A clean wash cloth is helpful. Dry well with paper towel or a clean towel. If you notice ink on the towel, rewash.
-Keep your new tattoo clean, dry & out of the sun. Showers are fine, no baths/swimming/sauna. NO picking or scratching. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Avoid abrasive fabrics like linen & wool in the tattoo area.
-Avoid exercising the healing area while it is fresh/scabby.
-After 3-4 days you may apply a water-based unscented lotion (ie Lubriderm) to alleviate itch & allow skin to stretch.
-Healing takes approximately 3-5 weeks. After scabbing is done you’ll want to use sunscreen to protect the tattoo from the sun. For reals - do this.
-Touch-ups are free within the first 6 months, and are at my discretion. If you do not follow proper aftercare you forfeit this right.

Saniderm Aftercare
-You can leave your bandage on for 24 - 72 hours
-During this time your tattoo is going to weep & the bandage is going to fill with your body's plasma & excess pigment. It looks pretty gross, this is normal.
-The bandage is waterproof & breathable so you can shower & live normally
-When touching your tattoo ALWAYS use clean hands
-If the bandage is leaking fluid, or part of your tattoo has become exposed, you may choose to remove it sooner than later. It's not supposed to happen but it can, through movement & bends.
-The best idea is to remove it in the shower. Slowly remove the bandage by finding a corner or edge & pulling in the direction of the growth of hair. A layer of surrounding dead skin cells may be removed in the process, this is normal. Try to avoid removing it dry.
-Wash the area with unscented soap like Ivory or Dove, ensuring you get the entire area clean of leftover body fluids & ink
-Dry with clean towel or paper towel. If you still see ink on the towel, wash again. A thorough wash means a healthy heal.
-The tattoo should at this point be in an advanced stage of healing. It still must be kept clean & dry & out of the sun.
-Some folks experience a reaction to the bandage. Please contact me if you think you have an issue.
-Feel free to moisturize using a water-based unscented lotion as your body desires. No picking or scratching.
-Avoid swimming/submerging the new tattoo for at least 2 weeks. Avoid intense working out - sweat & bacteria are still not good for your tattoo. Light exercise is fine. Avoid abrasive fabrics like wool & linen on the healing tattoo.

If you have any questions let me know!