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Before Your Appointment:
-Please ensure you’ve given me all the necessary details for your tattoo design. We want to minimize the amount of time spent indoors together.
-If we’re dealing through email there will be useful information in my annoying auto-reply - please read it. If we’re going through Instagram there will be bookmarked information in my Story Highlights.
-Get a good night’s sleep & eat a hearty meal beforehand. There will be no food/drinks allowed in the shop (a snack/drink is permitted provided it is consumed outside) There is NO removal of masks in the common area of the shop for any reason.
-Check yourself. Do you have any symptoms of illness - COVID19-related or otherwise, do you have a temperature? Have you travelled or congregated with folks in a risky manner lately? Was there any possible exposure with someone who tested positive for COVID19 within the past 2 weeks? Let me know as soon as possible. Deposits will be honoured if we need to reschedule. PLEASE be honest & forthcoming.

At Your Appointment
-Arrive on time & alone. If you are early you will need to wait outside; guests will not be permitted at all.
-We are located on the 2nd floor, the door that says Be Nice Or Leave to your left. Knock audibly on that door at your appointed time & you will be let in once I am ready. The ground level glass door will be unlocked.
-Wear a clean, preferably 3-layer mask (2 layer + filter). No buffs/neck gaiters/fleece/knitted masks or masks with valves that do not have filters - these have proven to be much less effective than n95, surgical, homemade masks. If you do not have one we can provide a disposable mask.
-Please try to arrive clean. If you’ve been working around maskless or sick people during the day, or you work at messy job, do your best to change or clean up beforehand.
-I’ve always been very understanding of folks running late, but can no longer be as permissive. I know things go wrong, but please try to be as punctual as possible. In certain circumstances you may lose your spot/deposit.
-Any more than 30 minutes late will entail a cancelation. No-shows or last-minute cancelations, along with changing your mind day-of, are NOT options. Barring an emergency, you will lose your deposit & I may choose to no longer work with you.
-You will be directed to the sink to wash & sanitize your hands as I sanitize your phone. Do not bring more than you absolutely need with you. We are a small shop with nowhere to store belongings safely.
-While you wait I will send a consent waiver to your phone. If you are unable to fill out a digital waiver this way I can email it the night before.
-I’m respectfully asking to keep conversation between us to moderate levels, as more droplets are expelled with loud & extended talking. I’m sorry, it’s weird.
-Ventilation is important to keep transmission down. As temperatures are dropping & the window needs to remain open please keep in mind to dress warm.
-Cash is still the preferred method of payment, but if you are wary of handling cash an etransfer is also accepted upon completion.
-Unfortunately our appointments must be brief & you are currently encouraged not to linger. I’m sorry, it’s weird.
-Wash your hands before leaving.

-I am not currently tattooing any area close to the mouth: front of chest & neck area is out until further notice.
-Our shop is very small but there are only 2 artists tattooing. We will do our best to keep everyone spaced out, please be aware of your bubble & do the same.
-There is a convenience store on the corner. They have an ATM, masks, & immediate snacks.
-There’s a Jerk restaurant downstairs that is excellent, vegan-friendly, & you can order & pay easily from your phone if you forget to eat.
-Nearby stores you may need access to: Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, 241 Pizza. Banks: CIBC, Royal, TD.
-There is Green P street parking available on Parliament. It is $3/hr with a 3 hr limit. There is free street parking available on Spruce St, one block north of the shop. There is a thrift store parking lot on Gerrard as well that we sometimes park in despite the signage, but no guarantees with this one.

If there are any further questions you need answered during this uncertain time don’t hesitate to ask! There will be a learning curve as we get used to this new normal, so protocols may evolve.

Lastly, just to be clear: I take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. I take these precautions seriously & will ensure that anyone I share personal space with does as well. If you have not been obeying the rules of social distancing over these past months I invite you to not get tattooed by me. My coworker & close family have precarious health issues that make them fatally & especially susceptible to this disease & we are not messing around.
Respect others, stay safe, then get tattooed.

COVID-19 Policies